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Gay Harness: Advice For First-Timers Exploring Boundaries

March 03, 2024
Gay Harness: Advice For First-Timers Exploring Boundaries

If you’re someone who is looking to add some spice to your mundane sex life but is kinda afraid to try on quirky sex toys, you have come to the right page.

Harnesses are an extremely popular toy amongst the kinky community. But don’t get me wrong, these pleasure devices are a go-to amongst first-timers as well. 

sexy elastic chest harness

What Are Gay Harnesses?

Gay harnesses are basically straps – traditionally made from leather – that one wears during sex and can have decorative and sexual purposes. There are many styles and materials used as you will see, but the basic goal of most harnesses is to either provide something to grab onto or to emphasize your shoulders and chest. As we said, decorative or pleasure.

Interestingly, in gay adult videos, harnesses are used mainly in bondage scenes, but in reality, they play a much diverse role in foreplay and even in solo play sessions!

 Leather Bull Dog Harness

What Types Of Gay Harnesses Are There?

Here, I’ve talked about a few popular types suited for beginners:

Bulldog Harness

The most traditional gay harness. If you want to show off your round shoulders and muscular torso, this is the harness you should go for. Aimed at pumping out the chest in a very masculine way, a bulldog harness does its job perfectly to showcase the beast in you. 

Even if you are not toned, the bulldog harness does a great job of flattering your dog and drawing attention to all the right places. 

The tender yet firm leather straps hugging the torso with underarm supports connecting in the front on the two sides of your chest in metal rings give just the right amount of pump. 

 Mens Harness Strap Belt

Asymmetrical Harness

Gladiator, half-H, Sea-Dog, etc. are all types of asymmetric harnesses. These, as the asymmetrical name implies, rest on one of the shoulders with the attaching hook in front of the left or right chest. 

Since it’s a very simple harness, it finds its usage most amongst beginners. If you’re looking for a sleek harness that you can just put on and use for a quick session, this one is your best bet. 

Furthermore, if you want to keep a low profile in kink parties or pride gatherings but still want to show off your bondage side, then this harness is a real lifesaver.

 Crossbody Shoulder Wide Strap Leather Harness

Elastic Harness

Boy o’ boy… if leather started the industry, elastic has taken not only taken it forward but catapulted it into the mainstream gay scene. Sure harnesses look super sexy in leather, but elastic straps are right now in a league of their own. And their price point is a lot easier to swallow.

If you’re searching for a casual look for a queer party, then elastic harnesses should be your go-to accessory. With a vast variety of options to choose from, you’ll find an elastic version of almost every type of harness. The best part is the range of colors.

From neon pink to camouflage green, you have them all, in contrast to most leather harnesses which are primarily available in black or other darker shades.

D.M Chest Sexy Shoulder Strap Harness

How Should You Take Proper Care Of Your Harness?

Just like every other sexual device, taking care of harnesses, especially after use, should be on the priority list.

Most harnesses are made of leather, and since leather is just processed skin, one must take extra caution. Wash it with lukewarm water and soap every time it gets sticky or oily. Use a leather conditioner to moisturize it after drying. Not your poppers/ amyl nitrite. Real leather cleaner!

Sometimes there are silicon or metal parts, be wary of not using silicon-based lubes or any corrosive detergent, which might damage the harness adversely.

What Are Some Tips For Trying/Buying Bondage Harnesses?

Choosing a harness can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a beginner in the bondage world. So here are a few essential tips that you should keep in mind before purchasing or trying out your first harness:

➔ If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Try to adjust the fit or the change configuration of the harness; if it still doesn’t feel right, change it for a different style.

➔ If you want a durable, long-lasting harness, go for leather ones. If you want one for looks to match a party or are on a budget, elastic harnesses are your best bet.

➔ If you’re planning to use it in water, go for rubber.

So go ahead, buy yourself the harness you always wanted, and show off your gay side like never before. The only regret you’ll have is not doing it earlier!

 Elastic Harness Briefs Socks Set 3 Piece Outfit

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